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Meet the Artist

Updated: May 8, 2021

Kaleb Bakari Autman (02-02-2002) is a creative and communal scientist who studies the

impacts of community, culture, consciousness, and commerce on social change. He uses the photograph (still and moving), written word, prepared dish, and documented history to

interrogate the world around him.

As a published documentary photographer and filmmaker, Kaleb has documented pivotal

events in recent history and produced a short film about Chicago activism. As a storyteller,

Kaleb believes the images artists create must be authentic and rooted in our collective

imagination. Kaleb has written for The NYTimes Upfront Magazine, Truthout, Injustice Watch,

and In These Times.

As a community organizer and impact strategist, Kaleb has worked to center young people in social change campaigns. He has assisted numerous organized efforts to demand

accountability from elected officials and investment in critical social institutions. Some

successfully ousted unaccountable politicians while others organized around providing essential goods and services to those who need them. Kaleb is a core member of the #LetUsBreathe Collective and a founding member of the Westside Cleanup Crew (Westside Artists and Abolitionists)

He has worked with numerous organizations like March For Our Lives (national), Assata's

Daughters, Black Youth Project 100, Good Kids Mad City, Social Works Chicago, The

Encampment for Citizenship, Chicago Freedom School, and American Friends Service

Committee. He has spoken and led workshops with the University of Illinois Social Justice

Initiative, Northwestern University's Pritzker School of Law, Incite Conference, Abolitionist

Teaching Network, Haymarket Books, Chicago Humanities Festival.

When not working or overthinking life, you can find Kaleb reading, researching, cooking, and

critiquing popular culture. He is currently an undergraduate student focusing on sociology, law, Africana studies, and public policy/health. He is an alumnus of Chicago Public Schools and Village Leadership Academy. He owns and operates Kaleb Autman LLC, a documentarian production house based in Chicago.

He is available for collaboration and hire at

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