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Land/B(l)ack HEX Proposal


Project Overview

Land/B(l)ack is a multimedia visual dialog and documentation focused on Black and Indigenous kinship in Madison, WI. Black & Indigenous communities have consistently been on the frontlines of movements to decolonize, disarm, and disrupt the cycle of violence on Turtle Island while simultaneously providing new solutions to generate sustainable ecosystems. From the demands to restore the land rights of Native people to the cry that Black Lives do indeed Matter, Black-Indigenous solidarity has continuously sustained itself throughout time. Land/B(l)ack highlights the regenerative works of Black and Indigenous-led organizations, nations, and communities working to build more livable futures through land and cultural stewardship. Through deep relations, we'll explore ... Wild Berries, Trade Root Farms, FH King Farm*, and Wunk Sheek*. Each is connected to a long legacy of Black & Indigenous historiographies.

Exerting land and cultural stewardship as touchstones between these communities, I will dialog with and document the intergenerational, inter-communal, and trans-cultural ways in which Black & Indigenous-led organizations are tending to land and each other in the process. From the land to the table, Land/B(l)ack seeks to respect the knowledge of B.I. communities while searching for shared ways of knowing. Using the documentation process as a decolonized tool of relational discovery and reciprocity, Land/B(l)ack's existence unpacks the ways in which the image, both still and moving, has shaped the boundaries of our imaginations and our collective continuance.

I am prepared to produce portraits, candid images, landscapes, and oral histories to be used for communal education. This project draws on a deep understanding of collective capacity building and ensuring that the process is responsive to the needs of all its stakeholders. I hope this work will culminate into a small body of stories about how Black and Indigenous communities in Madison’s corners are building better worlds through food and land stewardship. I’m committing to not only documenting the work of these spaces but also contributing my background as a documentarian, scholar, cook, and artist in the process. I’m here to support not extract from their work.


Mediums: Documentary Photography, Filmmaking, Essay Writing, Public Lectures/Teach-Ins, Oral Histories, Portraiture (in Writing and Image Making0

Disciplines: Native Studies, African American Studies, Ethnobotany, Sociology, Foodways, Environmental Sciences, Critical Studies




As Long As The Grass Grows by Dina Gilio-Whitaker

Sovereignty: The Biography of a Claim by Peter H. Russell

Research is Ritual by Shawn Wilson

Good Seeds: A Menominee Indian Food Memoir by Thomas Pecore Weso

Seeing Red by Michael Witgen


The Red Deal

Abolition Geography by Ruth Gilmore

African Ethnobotany in the Americas by Rashford, John.,Voeks, Robert A.


Indigenous Experience, Environmental Justice and Settler Colonialism

Food Sovereignty, Justice, and Indigenous Peoples by Kyle Powys Whyte

by Kyle Powys Whyte

Archival Material

Charles Van Schaick Collection (photographs) - Wisconsin Historical Society

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